The 5 Things The Writing Biz Social Media Series Taught Me

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When I decided to do a series on social media for The Writing Biz I did not in my wildest dreams think that it would turn out as terrific as it did. I have my amazing and knowledgeable guests to thank for that!

Here are 5  things that The Writing Biz Social Media Series taught me:

1) Have  a plan

2) Use the right tools

3) Be consistent

4) Be Yourself

5) Help Others

I would like to thank Frances Caballo, Marci Diehl, Stephan Hovnanian and Jeff Sieh for making this series an unbelievable success!

Organizing and Simplifying Your Social Media So You Can Get Back To Writing with Frances Caballo

Here’s a bit of back story on how Frances ended up as a guest on The Writing Biz. I have read. posting , tweeting and pinning her blog posts for quite a while. She is not only a great author but she is “gets” social media and she can explain the ins and outs of the different platforms in a way that we not only understand but see how we  can use her advice in our own businesses. All the resources from this episode are HERE.

Best Twitter Practices for #Writers with Marci Diehl

Marci Diehl doesn’t just do business on Twitter she has fun. She has made it an integral part of her personal and professional life. The main takeaway from this episode:

Build Real Relationships!

Click HERE for all the resources mentioned in the show and more.

Best Google+ Practices for Writers with Stephan Hovnanian

OK, I am going to admit to something. I am a huge Stephan Hovnanian fan. Not kidding. For real. He is smart, funny and a wonderfully engaging and warm guy. On top of that he is one of the killer gurus of Google+, how lucky was I to have him as a guest on The Writing Biz. He shared a tremendous amount of Googly goodness! Check out the links and resources for this episode HERE.

Social Media Mash Up: Pinning, Liking, Tweeting and More with Jeff Sieh

Who knew that one day you would learn how to use Pinterest from a guy? And a guy with a beard, at that! Jeff and I discussed how Pinterest can be used in your writing business. We also covered LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  There are an insane amount of resources for this show HERE.



Rivka Kawano circleBuilding Your Writing Business Website with Rivka Kawano


On September 3rd we will begin a 4 part series on Publishing! Keep a look out for the details.



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