5 Ways Google+ Helped My Writing Business Grow


If someone asked me what is the one thing that has improved my writing business in the past year, I would say Google+. It has helped me to rethink my business and in many ways improved what I have to offer my writing clients.

I had a successful freelance writing business before I began to take Google+ seriously. But through the connections I have made, the different business strategies that G+ helped me define and the great learning experiences that I am exposed to, have taken the business to a new level.

How cool is that?

Here are 5 things that made the biggest impact on my business


#1    I developed REAL relationships with influencers

Before my involvement with G+ here is what I would need to do to reach an influencer. I sign up for a conference where the person was speaking,then I would try to find an opening to meet the person, once I was able to get their attention I was lucky to get a couple of minutes of their time. On G+ I can get involved in direct conversations with people I would like to meet. I comment on their posts, I ask questions when they are on Hangouts and become part of the conversation and soon they recognize a me and often offer advice that helps me in my business.

#2     I use Goggle+ as a blogging platform

Using Google+ as a satellite blogging platform to my main blog has helped me drive traffic to my websites and also gain clients. It is a great way to “audition” your talent.

#3     I created the Hangout on Air program The Writing Biz

I spent many months watching HOA hosts, listening to the shows and evaluating the process as I built my audience and then I then I stepped into the foray. I realized as I learned more about HOAs that the time to get involved was NOW and that if I created a show that truly offered people help and encouragement that I could host a show successfully. I even found the encouragement to release my show as a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

#4     I have met wonderful people on Google+

That may sound cheesy but, it’s true. I have met clients, business contacts and even more importantly, friends through my interactions on Google+. How lucky am I?

#5    I learned lots of cool stuff.

The quality if the postings and interactions are an improvement over many other social platforms. If you are careful about who you follow and take full advantage of being able to categorize  the people you follow by using circles, you  can weed out a lot of noise. If your G+ feed is full of interesting and useful information you can’t help but learn something!


For even more ways that you can apply Google+ to your writing business that can help you reach your goals watch Best Google+ Practices for Writers with Stephan Hovnanian on The Writing Biz Wednesday Aug 13th at 7:30 pm EST or listen to the podcast beginning Aug 14th. Stephan Hovnanian, a Google+ expert will share with us some great tips and practices that can help us get the most out of Google+. Please comment and add your questions to the event page.

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