Blogging Powers…ACTIVATE!!! Blogging and Your Writing Biz


Why on earth would you want to start a blog?

Why would anyone read your blog?

What on earth will you blog about?

Those may be questions that you are asking yourself. I get it. I really do.
I’m going to take a shot at answering these questions, based on my experience as a blogger and a writer, but I have to tell you something before I start.
Shhh Because of the nature of my work, which is top-secret and very hush-hush, I do not have a super successful blog of my own. So, what makes me think that I have the right to advise you on yours. I have written 100’s of blog posts for businesses and people. Through this experience I learned to write in many styles and voices and developed blog copy that got my clients results. If you ask me, ghost writing for someone else’s blog is often harder than writing in my voice about the things I care about.

Let’s get started:

1) Why on earth would you want to start a blog?

    Why not? Take a look at yourself and your business. What are you passionate about? Is there something that you do really well that you can share with others? Do you have interests and ideas that could help you build a community of like-minded individuals? Your blog is an effective, inexpensive way to get your message out. That being said, you don’t want to use your blog exclusively as a sales tool. That is wasting an opportunity to build relationships with your readers which is where the real treasure is hidden.


Blog Writing

2) Why would anyone read your blog?

    Because they have nothing better to do than surf the internet while eating Cheetos and wearing pajamas? Maybe, but more than likely because they are interested in what you have to say and they want to learn more. If you are writing about things that matter to you and you are doing it with intelligence, guided by a motivation to educate, share and add value to your reader’s life, than you will gain readers. Does it happen overnight? No. It takes time to not only gain readership but to find your voice and build a potential reach that can lead to those valuable readers.

3) What on earth will you blog about?

    I could tell you to blog about whatever you want but that would be bad advice. BEFORE you start a blog take time to consider a few things
  •           Who is your ideal reader?
  •           What topic will be the main focus of your blog.
  •           What is your true purpose?
Those questions will help you narrow your focus into areas that will resonate with your readers. Take time to develop an image of who you want to attract to your blog and why. Stay true to your topic. Readers that visit or subscribe to your blog expect this. They are following you because you share a common interest. A reader that follows you because you write paranormal fiction, probably would not be interested in your passion for Russian opera and vice versa. Stay focused, understand your niche and your audience. If you understand what your audience wants it is much easier to know what you will write about.


Successful Blogging


Writing for a blog is a great way to polish your craft as you build an audience. The readers that keep coming back for more are the ones that will share your message and buy your books, products and services. Your blog is a powerful communication tool and with great power comes responsibility. A good blogger uses their blog to start a conversation.



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Marc Ensign

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