Branding…It’s Not Just For Cattle Anymore


This week on The Writing Biz we will talk about branding. This is just the beginning if the conversation, its something that will keep coming up as we talk about the business of writing.

Branding is one of those terms that is broad and hard to nail down. So. I thought we would take a look at what branding is, and what it is not.

Branding is…

According to the Merriam-Webster, branding is the promoting of a particular kind or type of something. Or a mark that is burned into a skin of an animal. I say we go with the first one.

Branding is not…

Marketing. Ha, I bet I got you on that one. Many people think that branding is the marketing and selling of their product or service. It’s not. Your brand helps to identify you with your product or service.

Branding is…

You. Especially if you are a writer. You may write ten books but they are products of your brand. Your style and uniqueness makes you different from every other writer. As Merriam-Webster said, you are “a particular kind or type of something”.,,,and no fire was required.

Branding is not…

Your logo. Think of it this way, a friend may be able to recognize you in a crowd by your hair color and hairstyle but if you changed your hair color or hairstyle you are still you. Maybe with less gray.

Branding is the sum of all your experiences, your personality, your style and your talent.

And Your Brand is not…



Russell. Unless you are Russell Brand. If you are hi there.

You are your brand and that stays the same whether you are writing, speaking to a room full of people, being interviewed or tweeting, liking and plussing. Your brand is everything you put out there for the public to see.

You, my darling, are your very own brand.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I hope to see you this coming Wednesday at 7:30pm. I am going to have my fellow Floridian, Carolyn Capern on the show. Carolyn is bright, funny and she loves to help businesses tell their stories.

Here is a link to the live show on Google and don’t forget you can always watch the replay on YouTube




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