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Have you noticed that hashtags are everywhere? They first became popular on Twitter but most of the other social media platforms have since adopted hashtags.

Writers can use hashtags in many different ways.

  • As a clickable link within Twitter
  • Click on the on a word with a # and it will bring up more posts that were marked with that keyword.
  • To create categories
  • To encourage engagement

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So, how can a writer make the most out of hashtags? First let’s take a look at your writing business. There are several ways you can use hashtags to drive engagement, create categories and much more.

and more and more and more

Here is an example of a Tweet that uses hashtags

Twitter hashtags

100 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Should Know 

205 Author Hashtags

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  • Tweets with Hashtags Double Your Engagement
  • Tweets with Graphic Links Get 2x the Engagement
  • Twitter’s Fastest Growing Demographic is 55–64
  • Tweets With Links Are 86% More Likely To Be Retweeted

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This #video will remind you why you need to #besmart and don’t over use #hashtags. Use them #likeaboss.

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