Best Twitter Practices for #Writers With Marci Diehl

Best Twitter Practices for #Writers With Marci Diehl

One of the great things about producing The Writing Biz is that I am able to get to know wonderful people.

**This is an older episode. Some information may have changed

This episode’s guest, Marci Diehl has become part of that group.

Marci joined me to discuss Best Twitter Practices For #writers, I will be honest with you up front the video is not full of tools and resources as some of my shows. The value in this show is to show you how you can create relationships through Twitter. You will understand how Marci creatively engages with her followers and has built her Twitter platform to not only use as a business tool but as a place to have fun, too.

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Graphic From Here is How To Write The Perfect Tweet by Gerry Moran (link below)



Marci Diehl is an award-winning multi-media writer, editor and creative content developer

Resources and Tools to Help You Use Twitter In Your Writing Business


Rebekah Radice is one of those people who share great information on how to get the most out of social media. If you are not following her, you should be. This article: 10 Step Twitter Formula to Unleash Your Personal Brand provides great information
Here is How To Write The Perfect Tweet by Gerry Moran

This is an amazing post by past guest Frances Caballo The article was posted on Joel Friedlander ‘s The Book Designer site, which is one of my favorite blogs. The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Writers 

Fantastic Twitter Tools:

Hootsuite (Free and Paid) Great for scheduling all of your social media.

TweetDeck (Free) Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement

Twtrland (Free and Paid) Do you want to keep an eye on your competition? This can help .

One of my favorite finds is IFTTT . That stands for IfThisThanThat. I use to set up “recipes” that send all my new Twitter Followers to a Google Drive Spreadsheet and also to send all of my Twitter Posts to another Google Drive Spreadsheet. How cool is that? There are tons and tons of recipes that connect different apps. Love. Love. Love.

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Best Twitter Practices for #Writers With Marci Diehl

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