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The Importance of Offline Book Marketing

The Importance of Offline Book Marketing

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On this episode, we wanted to give you an overview of the things you need to consider when planning and executing your offline book marketing. Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press and Independent Publishers of New England and Rochelle Carter Ellechor Media, LLC help us. Charlotte has been involved in tons of book events not just as an attendee, but as an exhibitor, organizer and speaker. Rochelle is very well versed in offline book marketing tactics. She helps her clients with their book marketing, as well as marketing her own books on and offline. She attends, exhibits and speaks at conferences in Oregon and other parts of the US and Canada.

5 Bits of Great Book Marketing Advice

 1.  Join groups, attend conferences, and go to meetups. Get out from behind the desk and go meet like-minded people in the writing business. You will learn from these experiences and meet people that may be able to help your writing business. There are many very helpful people out there that love to talk about the industry and as you share a conversation with them you can’t help but absorb some of their wonderful advice and experiences.
2. Build relationships. Don’t just hand someone a card and then walk away. Ask them questions about why they wrote their book, how did they build a career in publishing. what do they see for the industry in the future? Get to know people, if you have the time and opportunity, sit down and talk to them. The point is to develop some type of relationship that you can build upon. Once you leave the conference drop them an email, follow them on the social media channels you are active on and engage with them. Don’t be the creepy stalker, just engage, discuss and be yourself.
3. Be strategic. You should have a book marketing plan that lays out how you will market your book. That is vitally important but you also need a strategic plan for events that you attend.  There may be certain people that you would like to meet that are attending or speaking, you may want to sign up for particular classes certain classes or meet with editors, agents, book designers and others. If you have a plan beforehand and an idea of the questions you would like to ask, you can come away from the event with a ton of knowledge and contacts. When I attend an event. I start a folder for the event as soon as I sign up and I add all of my confirmations, directions, reservation information. Once I am at the event I add business cards, receipts, literature and learning materials. At the end of each day of the event, I make notes on who I met, things I want to follow up on, ideas that I had and what I liked and didn’t like about the event. This keeps me organized and next year when I plan for the events I will attend. it will help me decide if it that past event was worth the effort.
4. Take advantage of all opportunities to create content that you can use in your marketing. Take pictures, shoot short videos, jot notes and quotes to be used later in blog posts, if you can try to get a short interview to use in a blog post on a relevant subject.
5. Learn to make great travel plans. Try to plan your events far in advance. Save money by planning events in areas where you have friends or family that you could stay with for a night or two. If you are a new author or short on funds you should market to a smaller area to cut travel expenses. Get a map and draw a 100 or 200-mile radius around your hometown and then see what events are coming to that area and look for bookstores and libraries. If you do travel any distance make sure that your hotel and flight accommodations are made well in advance. The less stress you incur traveling the more focused you will be at the event you are attending.
We talked about many other aspects of offline book marketing including how it can work with your online book marketing efforts to really boost your sales. Like I said, this is an overview of your offline book marketing opportunities and strategies, if you have questions please leave them in the comments and either Rochelle or Charlotte would be glad to help you!



Charlotte Pierce views her Pierce Press authors as collaborators and partners. Her company, Pierce Press publishes print and electronic books under three imprints: DayTripper Books (travel & family), GiggleQuick Books (children’s), and Peeragogy Books (alternative education). Pierce Press also performs publishing coaching, marketing, and video production services for nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals. Charlotte is co-president of Independent Book Publishers of New England (IPNE). Charlotte hosts Indie Office Hours, a live-streaming show about the publishing process, and Face the Book TV, which focuses on books, authors, and the writing process.

Rochelle Carter is the Publisher at Ellechor Media LLC, an award-winning publishing company with three imprints and an online bookstore. As publisher and Authorpreneur Business Consultant, she provides publishing consulting services for various authors, and managing the acquisition and production process for all of her imprints. Through her company, she publishes books with a purpose. Her imprints have published over 40 books in less than three years, 98% of which enjoy 4-star or higher Amazon ratings. Rochelle is also the author of The 7-Step Guide To Authorpreneurship,  Becoming an Author: Your Quick Start Guide to a Successful Book Launch, and Write Success: Inspirational Quotes For The Authorpreneur, three books she created to help authors based on her experiences with publishing and her own authors. Her passion lies in educating authors and helping them to avoid as many publishing regrets as possible. Carter also offers free Publishing Strategy Sessions to aid in this process.


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Book Marketing on Your Own Turf with Charlotte Pierce and Rochelle Carter

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