Book Marketing: The Basics with Shawn Manaher and Rivka Kawano

Book Marketing: The Basics with Shawn Manaher and Rivka Kawano

Book Marketing: The Basics

**This is an older episode. Some information may have changed

I am sure that like many other writers when you hear the words “Book Marketing” you begin to feel a little overwhelmed and that’s completely understandable.
On this episode of The Writing Biz I invited guests, Shawn Manaher of Book Marketing Tools and Rivka Kawano of Author Sensei, to join me in a discussion of book marketing basics. We tried to give you some great tips that you can use in your book marketing today to help build your writing biz. We also hope we gave you ideas that will open up your mind and lead you to think of other creative ways that you can market your book.
How you market your book may differ depending on your intended audience, the genre that your book fits into and your budget.
The best way to ensure that your book marketing efforts meet with success is to create a well-developed marketing plan. If you have clear goals and strategies that you are committed to implementing, you will see results.
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Shawn Manaher of Book Marketing Tools is the host of the Author Hangout a terrific must-see videocast and podcast. Check out his new project a site that lets you know what free and discounted books are available.  You can connect with Shawn on Google+ and Twitter.




Rivka Kawano is the owner of Author Sensei. Coaching and marketing authors are just a couple of services that her business offers. She is also a terrific blogger!




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