So, You Want To Be A Writerpreneur? With Helen Sedwick and Rivka Kawano

Turning Your Writing Into a Business

**This is an older episode. Some information may have changed

If you are writing and making money from your writing, you are a Writerpreneur and with that comes some responsibilities. Whether you are publishing a book, freelancing or blogging you will have to make decisions as to what kind of business you would like to have, who you are as your brand and how your business will be structured and marketed.


writer Helen Sedwick


Helen Sedwick, an attorney and author of  The Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook. I have read every page of her book and I promise you that it is full of some of the best advice for a writer concerning the legal aspects of their business.



Writer Rivka Kawano   

Rivka Kawano is the owner of Author Sensei. Coaching and marketing authors are just a couple of services that her business offers. She is also a terrific blogger!

We discussed what a writer needs to now to get their business off the ground, such as how to get an EIN number, how to use your writing space as a deduction and how to avoid scams. We also discussed how very important it is that you establish your target audience and find out what is the best way to capture their attention. Once you have their attention how you can build a relationship that can help you meet your goals.

In this video:

  • How to Structure Your Business
  • Start Planning for Tax Time Now
  • How Do You Account for Money Raised Through Crowdfunding?
  • Are Sales of Electronic Materials Taxable?
  • and Much, Much More

Of course, in one hour there is not enough time to address every issue that you may face in starting your writing business, but we certainly started a discussion and established a beginning point to delve deeper into specifics on later shows.

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The Writing Biz
So, You Want To Be A Writerpreneur? With Helen Sedwick and Rivka Kawano

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