Blogging and Building Viral Connections with Your Audience Guest Marc Ensign

Building Viral Connections with Your Audience Guest Marc Ensign

Blogging  is Your Chance to Use Your Super Writing Powers For Good

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Marc Ensign is my guest on this episode of The Writing Biz. I truly enjoyed our conversation. While you may think that we strayed from the topic of blogging, I don’t believe we did. I hope that what you get out of this episode is a sense of how important your blogging experience can be to your audience.
Your blog is your chance to communicate on a real level with others and you can choose to use that power in many different ways. You can educate, inspire and start conversations! But the kryptonite that will destroy your blogging powers is- selfishness. If you approach blogging as a platform to hold a conversation with your readers you will see much more success than if you use it to scream, “Buy Something From Me!”.
Marc is on a quest to “Save the Internet” and he is doing this by making a difference.
“Rather than just “collecting friends” or “collecting followers,” what if we were to spend a little more time starting conversations and creating relationships? Be the first to start the conversation instead of waiting for someone else.- Marc Ensign”


Marc Ensign is a Speaker, Author and All Around Do-Gooder at Marc Ensign




How to Write a Magnetic Headline (in Under 15 Minutes) The LEDE  is a podcast hosted by Demain Farnsworth. This episode is the first of a series on The 11 Essential Parts of a Blog Post. The series is very informative and if you are serious about blogging it’s worth every minute of your time!
We also mentioned the amazing Les Dossey- You can learn more about Les on his website but I want to tell you that your life will be richer if you connect with him through whatever social platform you use.  “We have two sources of power. The potential we use, and the unused potential within us. Between both is the enemy within.” –Les Dossey
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Blogging and Building Viral Connections with Your Audience Guest Marc Ensign

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