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Writing Your Business Plan Is Ridiculously Important

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Oooo… a Business Plan. Just the thought of writing one may make you cringe. I thought about changing “business plan” to something with a warm fuzzy feeling, like a herd of kittens or warm Snuggies, but that became very weird, very fast. So, we will just stick to calling the written process of planning your business, exactly what it is, a business plan.

During Nina Amir’s visit on The Writing Show we talked about a multitude of things that a writer needs to consider when planning out their book, the publishing process and the book’s release, these steps can be applied to a freelance or blogging business. I am going to give a short overview of the show, but honestly, it is worth every minute to watch it from beginning to end. Nina is not only an expert but she is a wonderful teacher.

Before I go any further, there is something you need to consider. What are your intentions? Are you publishing a book that is really for family and friends or do you want to create the next best seller? Understanding your motivation will be very helpful to you in deciding if you even need a business plan. But if you are serious, you MUST have a well-developed business plan to guide you.

Here are the 8 steps that a writer needs to follow to create a business plan.

    • What is Your Book About and Why Would Anyone Want to Buy It? (Overview)
    • Who Would Want To Buy It? (Market)
    • Are You the Best Person to Write this Book? And is This the Right Time? (Platform)
    • Compare the Competition (Research)
    • Plan the Structure of Your Book
    • Chapter by Chapter Synopsis
    • How Much Will it Cost? (Financials)
    • Spinoffs/Series (Projections)

Nina Amir, brought up a great idea to help you begin the process of planning your writing business. Use mind maps to create a flow of ideas. This is particularly helpful to creatives. She pointed out that a business plan is a creative process. You are trying, after all, to figure out the best way to CREATE your business! Start by getting the juices flowing and nailing down your vision, goals and motivations and then add in all the business-sy stuff.

If you would like for your own entertainment,  please feel free to replace the words “business plan” with a herd of kittens. Here is an example

“…if you are serious, you MUST have a well-developed herd of kittens to guide you.”

Hmmm, that actually, kinda works.


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