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My Favorite SEO Plug-In For Your Writing Website

As I was preparing for this week’s The Writing Biz show I thought about my own WordPress sites and it occurred to me that I should share my favorite plug-in with you. I am not an SEO expert. I understand it well enough to do what I need to do for my clients in my writing biz but trying to understand the real down and dirty technical stuff makes my head hurt. There is a plug-in that I use on my WordPress sites that saves me from myself.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a lifesaver. This plug-in is easy to use and it makes sure that I don’t forget any of the pieces that the search engines love. WP SEO Screen This is a screenshot WordPress SEO as it looks on The Writing Biz website. The post that I was working on is titled The 5 Things The Writing Biz Social Media Series Taught Me. As you can see I used the keyword “social media”. The SEO Title is the same as the main title on this post. That is not always the case. Sometimes I use a different title to get better SEO than the main title, if the main title is not as descriptive. The plug-in will alert you if you exceed the recommended length. There is also a space where you can fill in the metadata for the post. I use the first couple of sentences from the post, if that applies. Once you have filled in the information in the spaces provided  click Save Draft and see if the little circle in the top left of your post is red, yellow or green. Of course, your goal is green. Even if the circle is green you should click on the Page Analysis Tab SEO pic 2   On the Page Analysis tab the plug-in shows you specific areas that you can improve. SEO 3   They may include, adding alt tags to your photos, increasing the word count of your post, improving the readability and much more. SEO 4 You may have noticed the advanced and the social tabs. Under the advanced tab you can delve into a whole new level of nerdiness. If you choose the Social tab you can set up your SEO for the post across the social networks that you use. Honestly, I rarely use either, I am not saying you shouldn’t. The reason that I don’t use the Social tab is that I broadcast my posts in a more organic way by writing a blurb that is individual to each place I post the content. Last but not least, on the right side of your post area you may see an area for categories and an area for tags, some themes may differ. It is important that you create simple, understandable categories and evaluate each post for one or more categories that they should be under. For this post I chose Social Media and Book Marketing. Next, fill in your tags. SEO 5   The WordPress SEO by Yoast  plug-in saves me time, improves my ranking and is easy to understand.. Oh, I forgot to mention


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