Social Media Mash Up with Jeff Sieh

How Many Ways Can You Bring Social Media Into Your Writing Business?

If you find out the answer to that let me know. But seriously, my guest this week is Jeff Sieh and he gives us a great information on several. Jeff is the host of one of my favorite Google+ HOAs The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. He recently brought the show back after and I am thrilled that he did.

I didn’t lay this all out there on the show but here it is…

I started watching the Manly Pinterest Tips show last year and it allowed me to really see how I could use Pinterest in my business. Jeff brought on terrific guests and each week the show added another layer onto my understanding of the ins and outs of Pinterest. If you are reading this Jeff, thanks you for that.

If you have not set up a Pinterest account for your business, stop what you are doing and DO IT NOW! It is fun, effective, collaborative and a wonderful learning tool. Make sure that if you setting your account up as a business account that you certify your website! Visit my Pinterest for Business Board for more reasons why you should be on Pinterest and resources that can help you get started. Pinterest for Small Business

Facebook and Your Writing Business Recently I have been thinking about Facebook, I have not been active on Facebook for awhile now (like a couple of years). It was more of a time management decision than anything. I found that in my business it wasn’t helping me at all but now I am rethinking that decision. I probably won’t go back to using the business account but for The Writing Biz I KNOW it is valuable. Keep an eye out for the news that I am there, so you can be my friend and I won’t be so lonely! social media

LinkedIn is Far More Than a Place to Host Your Resume

Have you checked out LinkedIn lately? It is changing and evolving in some amazing ways. If you blog you MUST chack out the publishing platform. I was stunned at the amount of traffic my posts get on LinkedIn and the amount of traffic that they brought back to my website! If you would like to check me out on Linked in CLICK HERE. LinkedIn mktg

Instagram: Adding Fun to Your Social Media

I have to admit (actually I did- on air live) I do not utilize Instagram as much as I should. I will promise to get better if you will. Pinkie Swear. Luckily we have Instagram Rockstars like Sue B. Zimmerman. Peg Fitzpatrick and  Jenn Herman. instagram influencers NEXT WEEK: Creating Your Writing Business Website with Rivka Kawano of Writer Sensei and then we will begin a series on Publishing !

HERE THEY ARE! Ridiculously Useful Resources

Manly Pinterest Tips with Jeff Sieh and Friends 

Jeff Sieh on Pinterest 

Boards of Jeff’s that you may like Pinterest Tips, Google+ TipsGoogle+ Hangouts Worth Watching  , Bacon Board  and much much more,

Stephan Hovnanian and Peg Fitxpatrick: Google+ Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick 

Michael Selzner’s Social Media Podcast: Pinterest Success: Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business with Cynthia Sanchez 

The Power of Secret Boards on Pinterest by Jeff Sieh The Manly Show – Real Men Cook – With Special Guest, Chef Dennis Littley

Pinterest Now Lets Users Have Private Conversations About Specific Pins by Karissa Bell 

How to Instantly Increase Your Business Pinterest Marketing Success With Group Boards by Alissa Meredith 

Powerful Pinterest for Authors in 10 Steps 

Marija Hamed Video: Optimizing Descriptions for Pins 

The Manly Pinterest Tips Show – With Special Guest Vincent Ng 

The Beginners Guide To Facebook Advertising  Facebook Launches Its 15-Second, Auto-Playing Video Ads by Anthony Ha 

Jon Loomer’s Website 

Ultimate How-To Guide on LinkedIn for Writers by Frances Caballo 

How to Get InstaResults on Instagram w/ Sue B Zimmerman and Ryan Hanley 

Indie Office Hours: Micro Media with Deltina Hay 

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